Most of the scattered farms within the specified area have a Saxon or Medieval origin although the present buildings may be quite recent in date.  Places mentioned in Domesday Book in 1086 are the manors of Torridge (SX 547568), two manors of Woodford (SX 528569), and Yealmpstone (SX 558555),rebuilding on the same site may have obliterated traces of early structures.  Chaddlewood (listed but unfortunately the remains now located under a housing estate) is documented in 1387. (SX 558561).Hardwick has a medieval dovecote. (SX 554553). 
  Walford (SX 550552) is not now precisely located, could it be Wolverwood?  A patch of woodland marked Walver Wood and situated between Butlass and Wiverton still appears on the modern map.  These are the woods you can see across the valley from Chaddlewood Garage.  In Tudor times the name East Town was used to denote the churchtown of St.Maurice and West town meant Underwood.  The lands at Walaford could be called the ‘East Town Grounds’ and there may have been some folk-memory of the old name still remaining in 1840 when the surveyors mapped the property for tithe and described it as ‘East Stone’ in the Tithe Apportionment Book.  Waleforda means ‘Ford of the Britons’ and may have been the site of an early British settlement, although there is a name on a Domesday map as indicating this place as being between Hareston and Lege manors.


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